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below you will find my latest research/productions, categorized under three main areas of interest

Dialectical Model of Human Nature
...A theory that explores what makes each of us who we are...
The DMoHN is a graphical representation of my current understanding and conceptualization of human nature, in addition to embodying the guiding ethos of social neuroscience. The dialectic is a logic, or way of thinking that joins opposite elements together in a uniting fashion to create emergent attributes not present in the elements alone. The dialectical structure of this model explicitly links Culture and Biology within the human brain in order to convey the symbiotic and dynamic interaction between these two realms of scientific thought and the natural world. It is always under revision, so check back for updates.

Visualizing the Zeitgeist
Started as an independent art project in the Spring of 2008, this project attempts to visualize the ethos of cultures across time, or the zeitgeist ('spirt of the time'). Human populations are illustrated as ghostly, translucent entities moving quickly across a wireframe landscape of North America. This particular animation begins by depicting human migrations across Eurasia into North America and the subsequent dispersal and settlement of ancient Americans across the landscape.

Progression is a story of development that blends computer animation with real-life video footage. Although I believe each person has their own interpretation, when I developed the initial idea my goal was to explore the development ideas or a story in the human mind. The short flim begins with a student and a blank sheet of paper, as the music unfolds so do his ideas but each new thought ends as quickly as it sprung into action. It was created in the Summer of 2003 at Northwestern University.

please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or critiques on any of these projects - i would love to hear your thoughts

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