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below you will find my latest research/compilations, organized under two major headings

Connections and Collisions in the Cerebral-Cultural Matrix of Human Thought

Social Neuroscience of Sex; Human Male-Female Similarities and Differences from Neurological Biochemistry to Social Behavior
This thesis travels along the lines of the Dialectical Model of Human Nature, combining knowledge across multiple levels of analysis and historically isolated academic disciplines in search of the origin and existence of human sexual dimorphisms. A sexual dimorphism is a statistically significant difference between the sexes of a species in their biological development, cognition and behavior.

Topics include: 1) the Intellectual History of Science, 2) Social Neuroscience, 3) the Evolution and Physiology of the Human Central Nervous System, 4) Sexual Reproduction and Ontogenetic Development, 5) Enculturation, 6) the Evolution and Phenomenology of Consciousness.

A short presentation highlighting the interesting conclusions of this research is available here. For a PDF of the text click here. (*3/2009 - This manuscript is currently under major revision, an updated copy will be posted as soon as possible.)

From Genes to Cognition to Social Behavior - a DNA Microarray Research Proposal
In biochemistry, a DNA microarray is an experimental technique that allows one to determine what proteins a cell is actively expressing. This research proposal is aimed at describing how this type of DNA microarray research will be critical for better characterizing and understanding the relationship between the regulation of gene expression in the primate cerebral cortex, cerebrocortical structure and function, as it relates to higher level cognition, and how each of these levels of analysis are influenced by an individual’s external environment, particularly the social dynamics during ontogenetic development. While also clarifying how levels of cerebrocortical gene expression in Homo sapiens compares to that of our closest living relatives and relates to primate brain evolution. If such implications can be made, we hope to further develop this methodology to better understand how variations in metaphysical social structures relates to psychological and neurodegenerative disease profiles, with the goal of one day suggesting that in order to truly diagnose and treat these uniquely human disease we ought to be looking outside of the brain rather than deep within it.


A People's History of Consciousness

Research under this heading are a sample of initial seqments for research I hope to compile into a series entitled "A People's History of Consciousness". Overall, I envision these manuscripts as social histories of human experience and the development of knowledge, it's application and implications for culture and cognition across the human timeline.

Case Study: Africa & the Middle East; 7 million years ago - 5,500 BCE
From the dawn of modern humans to the fruition of the Egyptian empire, this project travels across the cultural and social changes of humans in Northern Africa and the Middle East. I take particular interest in the development of practical knowledge (i.e. farming techniques) and how its transfer through trade or cultural contact effects benefactor human beings. Moreover, the social attitudes and practices of these early humans is analyzed in the context of the contemporary, western notion of cultural development.

International Development In History - Case Study

Case Study: Modern European Intellectual History; 1500 - 1700 AD
Connections & Collisions in the Cultural Matrix of Human Thought .

please feel free to contact me with comments, critiques and or questions on any of this work - i would love to hear what you think

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